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The CE5 is Fuji Clean USA's most compact one-tank treatment system, engineered to treat up to 500 gallons per day of domestic wastewater to NSF/ANSI 40 standards. No preceding septic tank is required.

The CE7 is Fuji Clean USA's mid-sized residential treatment system designed to treat up to 700 gallons per day of domestic strength wastewater to NSF/ANSI 40 standards. Still compact enough to fit into a pick-up, the CE7 offers a robust treatment option for tight and difficult to access sites.


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Functionally, Fuji Clean systems are designed to operate exactly as the Fuji Clean residential systems, with chamber volume, media volume and air input upsized proportionally. Commercial systems are fully built-out and designed to be delivered to the installation site plug-and-play ready. Customized control panels are available to suit individual requirements. The default commercial control panel is equipped with auxiliary contacts designed to be connected with an active phone line for providing remote notification of alarm conditions as well as an alarm tracking monitor.

Capable of treating a hydraulic load capacity of 1,876 gpd, this compact system is housed in a 2,252 gallon tank with a footprint of only 12'9" x 6'1". No preceding septic tank is required or necessary for robust, dependable treatment (unless dictated by state or local regulations). Highly portable and installer-friendly with a weight of only 1,168 pounds, this unit can be easily maneuvered into tight and difficult sites; ideal for repair and replacement projects. A built-in flow equalizer easily accommodates variable flows and shock loadings. Designed with low maintenance requirements and energy efficiency as primary goals, this unit only draws 2.88 kWh/day of power and can be completely inspected and serviced in less than one hour.